Built with Boundless

From viral lead flows to multisided online services, powerful web apps are built with Boundless. Here are just a few examples.

MyMoji provides fun, custom cartoon drawings for their customers. The app takes advantage of Payments, Actions, and Variants to power the entire flow, from request to fulfillment. Artists are emailed incoming orders and customers are notified when their MyMoji is ready.

Boundless enabled David Berens to quickly create a full-service site for his consulting business. A lead generation and services billing flow connect user-facing forms with Boundless's data back end and email-based workflows for an all-in-one solution.

Grid is a viral lead flow site built by Visor. Boundless Forms and Actions, including email and Slack integration, enable Visor to collect leads, and encourage additional leads, for the tax preparation service.

It's no surprise we built our own site, the one you're looking at right now, with Boundless. Styles, device-responsive views, form-based data collection, and dynamic, CMS-style content support our big "hello" on the web.

New England Wheels uses SEO-friendly pages to collect leads into Tables.

The Boundless help site uses Tables as a content management system for our growing library of support articles. Article pages feature in-line videos and built-in SEO.

Ninerr is a demo application mimicking the popular fiverr.com. Boundless features such as Users, Tables, Payments, and Variants power this robust services marketplace.

built with boundless